Love, Love, Love (Kenneth) (2016)

LLL2In 2016 Richard returned to the stage for the role of Kenneth in the very black comedy about the generational divide between the ‘Me’ Flower Power generation of the 60s and their children, the ‘Millennials’. Love, Love, Love, is written by Mike Bartlett and produced at the Laura Pels theatre, for the Roundabout Theatre for an off-Broadway season. The play traces the lives of Kenneth and Sandra from their meeting in the flat of Kenneth’s brother, Henry, as 20-year-old, self-obsessed children of the ‘Flower generation’ , through to their 40s as parents of teenagers, Rose and Jamie, and, finally, into their 60s. The play was generally well-reviewed and Richard, in particular, was praised for his comedic work as Kenneth. The Wall Street Journal named the production, Best New Play for 2016. The season opened with previews from 22 September with the official opening night, 20 October. The season ran until 28 December, 2016.


Mike Bartlett

Michael Myer

Richard Armitage – Kenneth
Amy Ryan – Sandra
Zoe Kazan – Rose
Ben Rosenfield – Jamie
Alex Hurt – Henry

One would describe it as black comedy because I think a lot of the … comedy is to do with the juxtaposition of situation and the characters in them. You know, the, the terrible things that these people are doing to each other but in a very kind of light, domestic way. (Love, Love, Love – About the Show: Richard Armitage talks about the stage play (September 16, 2016))



LLL4For “Love, Love, Love” we get into character, myself and Amy, we stand backstage before the show when all the music’s playing and we just dance. That’s what we do; we dance like nineteen-year-olds. (The Broadway Channel – Fresh Face: Richard Armitage of “Love, Love, Love” (December 1, 2016))LLL5

Last performance of Love, Love, Love

Richard tweets after the last performance of Love, Love, Love today: