Castlevania (Trevor Belmont) – 2017

Castlevania is a Netflix anime series based on the video game of the same name, Castlevania III: Dracula’s Curse, by Konami. The first series of 4 20-minute episodes aired on 7th July, 2017 to wide acclaim from both fans of the videogame and viewers in general. The storyline follows vampire hunter, Trevor Belmont (Richard Armitage), last member of a disgraced witch-hunting family, and his battle against Dracula who has unleashed monsters to destroy Wallachia after the Church burns his wife as a witch.


Production Details


Richard Armitage – Trevor Belmont

Graham McTavish – Dracula

James Callis – Alucard

Alejandra Reynoso – Sypha Belnades

Matt Frewer – The Bishop


Sam Deats


Warren Ellis




Trevor is a hoot (Tweet, 6:47am, 7th July, 2017)

Dear Netflix. Let’s make a live action Castlevania…right? You know it makes sense.(Tweet, 9.47pm, 7th July, 2017)

Back in the studio for Season 2…(8 episodes) so much fun. (Tweet, 4.33am, 25th July, 2017)

Castlevania 2nd season & first impressions

Mithicalentertainment posted their first impressions from a Castlevania screening this week at Anime Expo saying, “For starters, the voice acting is fantastic...Richard Armitage, who played Thorin Oakenshield in The Hobbit trilogy, faithfully brings the character of Trevor Belmont to life as well.”

It was also announced that Netflix has already approved a second season of the show.

Casltevania Season 1 reviews (just a bit late)

Apologies – RL intervened then technology has meant it hasn’t been possible to add these to the Library. So, instead, here are the links to some of the reviews for season 1 of Netflix’s Castlevania.


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IGN. Castlevania: Season 1 Review Castlevania: 8 Things That Worked (And 7 That Didn’t) On Netflix

Career Timeline

* Indicates starring role


* Narrator, Hamlet, The Novel (A.J. and David Hewson), released on Audible, 20th May.

Dr Scott White, Sleepwalker (Film, Night and Day Pictures, October, 2017)

1988 Joins Budapest Circus
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RAC Library
1995 Enrols in London Academy for Dramatic Art (LAMDA)
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1997 Wins LAMDA Fight Night for a three-hander performed with his classmates David Oyelowo and Greg Jarvis
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Graduates from LAMDA
1999 Young Richie Baker, The Four Alice Bakers (Theatre, Birmingham Repertory)
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