Yorkshire Evening Post article on Urban and the Shed Crew

The Yorkshire Evening Post has an interesting article on the development of the Urban and the Shed Crew film.


Richard Armitage, who plays Chop, the character based on Hare, was so moved by the experience of filming that he began a fundraising page for the charity, which has so far raised more than £3,000.

Armitage, whose father grew up in Leeds, said he hoped the film raised awareness of the charity’s work.

He said: “Filming Urban and the Shed Crew was a special time for me as I saw more of Leeds than ever before; it opened my eyes to the continuing struggle of families such as Urban’s who fight for a decent life on a daily basis.”

The Many Masks of Actors and Spies

Richard retweeted a blog post by the writer and creator of Berlin Station, discussing the similarities between actors and spies and his vision for the new tv series, which Richard will begin filming soon.