Richard Armitage Doodles for Neurofibramitosis Network

Thanks to @UltraVeloce for this find. A doodle by Richard contributed to the Doodle4Neurofibramitosis Network annual fundraiser.

According to the Doodle 4 NF Homepage –

“Doodle 4 NF is an annual fundraiser for the Neurofibromatosis Network. Autographed Celebrity Doodles are collected year-round and offered for sale during a 10-day auction each May. The 2015 auction begins on May 7th and ends on May 17th. If a Celebrity Doodler submits two Doodles, the second is posted on day 2 and continues to day 11 (May 8 thru May 18 this year).

Most Doodles are submitted on standard 5.5” x 8.5” Doodle Cards, which are available by contacting Doodles on other materials or of odd sizes are so noted in the description of the Doodle.”

Richard Armitage looks back on The Hobbit and forward to Hannibal

“The undisputed standout in Peter Jackson’s sixth and final Middle-earth movie The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies was Richard Armitage, whose rigorous performance as the increasingly deranged Thorin lent psychological weight to what was otherwise an action-heavy final chapter.”

Richard talks about filming The Hobbit and Hannibal as well as performing in The Crucible and gives us a little more detail about his character, Raymond de Merville, in his latest project, Pilgrimage –

” … kind of a 12th century road movie about a relic which is making its way back to Rome with a group of monks, and I play a French Norman who has a personal agenda to corrupt this little journey. It’s interesting, and most of my character’s dialogue is in French, so I’ve been having to buff up my French.”

Digital Spy: Richard on becoming Francis Dolarhyde

Digital Spy talks to Richard about his role as Francis Dolarhyde in Hannibal season 3.

“I wasn’t familiar with the show, and even before I’d read the script I was already saying yes because it was Bryan Fuller,” Armitage told Digital Spy. “I just wanted to work with him.

“I suddenly realized that I was going back on something that I’d said a long time ago, which was that one of the genres I probably won’t do is horror. But I just didn’t see [the role of Dolarhyde] as horror, and I then went and watched Hannibal seasons one and two.

“To me it sort of sits in a very interesting place, it’s the horror genre but there’s something beautifully decadent and gothic about the way that it’s shot, and the performances are extraordinary. Mads Mikkelsen and Hugh Dancy and Laurence Fishburne just give it this elevation, so I knew that the bar was high when I went in there.”

Fuller told us last week that Armitage is as prominent a presence in the second half of season three as Mikkelsen and Dancy, allowing Dolarhyde to be explored in more depth than either of his big screen portrayals.

“Most movies are maximum two hours long,” mused Armitage, “and we get six hours to really explore the fine detail of what it means to be a psychopath, and understand the roots of that, the birth of a child that turns into a monster. It’s going to be very interesting.”


Digital Spy: Bryan Fuller serves up spoilers for Hannibal season 3

Digital Spy talks with Hannibal showrunner Bryan Fuller about what to expect in season 3.  There are a few mentions of Richard as Francis Dolarhyde. Thanks to @silentinflames.

  • 4) The rumors are true – we’re dropping the cuisine-based episode titles for the second half of season three.Episodes eight through thirteen will all be named after William Blake’s series of Great Red Dragon Paintings, depicting scenes from the biblical Book of Revelation. Clued-up Fannibals will know that in the Harris canon, serial killer Francis Dolarhyde is obsessed with this series of paintings, which give his murderous alternate personality its name.

    And we’ve got specifics. Episode eight is ‘The Great Red Dragon…’, episode nine is ‘…And the Woman Clothed in Sun’, episode ten is ‘…And the Woman Clothed with the Sun’, and episode eleven is ‘…And the Beast from the Sea’.

    Fuller didn’t name episodes twelve and thirteen, but going by this pattern we’re guessing that twelve and thirteen will be named ‘And the Number of the Beast Is…’ and ‘…666’ respectively.

  • 6) Richard Armitage’s Dolarhyde will be treated more like a third lead character than a supporting player in the season’s second chapter.”He is in the show almost as much as Hugh and Mads are in the second half of the season,” Fuller revealed. “So we really spend a lot of time with Dolarhyde, in a way that neither of the movies have had the real estate to.”
  • 7) Dolarhyde’s story will be a true tragedy, developed with more painful psychological depth than season two’s gleefully sadistic Mason Verger.”A lot of what we see with Dolarhyde is just him alone in a room struggling with his insanity. I wanted the audience to be so confused with this character because we get to know him, and we get to see this man who is suffering, from his mind eating him alive from the inside out.”
  • 10) Gore-hounds (and gore-phobes) should look out for episodes seven and twelve in particular – those are where Fuller hints that the “freakiest stuff” lies. One scene in episode twelve involving Dolarhyde was so intense that it drew gasps from the crew during filming.”It’s one bit in particular that’s from the books, and we see it probably more graphically on our show than you have in any of the movies.

    “When we did that scene, you’re supposed to be silent when you’re watching, but the entire crew gasped and shrieked. So you’re watching the dailies and you’re seeing this horrible thing happen, and you just hear all these gasps coming from behind the camera, and it’s so much fun! It’s so disturbing that it affected the crew.”