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Empire Magazine April 2015 issue

A little news about Richard Armitage as Francis Dolarhyde in the Hannibal article in the Empire Magazine April 2015 issue. Thanks to mads-mikkelsen.net for the scans.

How is it working with Richard Armitage, who plays Dolarhyde?
I remember seeing one of the first shots we did with Richard as the Dragon. It was the “blood appears quite black in the moonlight” moment (from the Harris novel). Richard was outside in the freezing Toronto sub-Arctic weather, steam roiling off him from the warm blood we’d doused him with. He’s a pro, and his insights into how Dolarhyde’s mind works are so clever.
Dancy: I’ve only met Richard briefly, when he was in for makeup tests. Anybody who knows the story will know there’s a fair amount of make-up to be applied: prosthetics, tattoos and so on. But he’s really excited to be here. I’m looking forward to seeing him unleashed.

Fuller also says that the Dolarhyde storyline will only be in the 6 episodes of season 3.

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