Weekly News Roundup: November 23 – 29

Richard Armitage news you may have missed, week of November 23, 2014:

Empire Magazine, January 2015 issue

Peter Jackson guest edited the January 2015 issue of Empire Magazine.  Below is the main article about The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies.  The article is also in our Library.

Richard also asked a question of Peter Jackson in the director’s Q&A article:



And he shared a memory of Middle-Earth:


DA MAN Magazine December 2014/January 2015

The digital issue of DA MAN Magazine, featuring Richard on the cover, became available today.  So many gorgeous photos!  The article is also in the RAC Library and the photos in the Gallery.

Richard Armitage’s tweets

Richard’s latest tweets –



The Crucible wins BroadwayWorld: UK Awards

Congrats to the cast and crew of The Crucible for winning in the major play categories in the BroadwayWorld: UK Awards.

  • Best Direction of a New production of a Play – Yael Farber – The Crucible
  • Best Featured Actor in a New Production of a Play – Adrian Schiller – The Crucible
  • Best Featured Actress in a New Production of a Play – Samantha Colley – The Crucible
  • Best Leading Actor in A New Production of a Play – Richard Armitage – The Crucible
  • Best Leading Actress in a New Production of a Play – Anna Madeley – The Crucible and Gillian Anderson – A Streetcar Named Desire – The Young Vic

More Sarah Dunn photos

Thanks to @Santa_Russia for tweeting these photos taken by Sarah Dunn (assuming for Empire Magazine? *see update) and for @Bette_green for sending the tweet to us.

**UPDATE: These pictures originally taken by Marisoul Ortiz and posted on her tumblr.  From Cine Premiere #243.

On her facebook page, Sarah Dunn also said that she will be posting her favourite pics from recent Hobbit photoshoots starting on 1st December to celebrate the London BOTFA premiere.  “RA fans are in for a treat,” she says!

Interview on UOL Cinema (Brazil)

An interesting interview with Richard on Brazi’s UOL Cinema website.  Below is the (awkward) Google translation into English.


About to land in Brazil, dwarf Hobbit” rooting for flirting with elf

Formed in the school of London musicals and the Royal Shakespearean Company, actor Richard Armitage had to unlearn some lessons craft to build your character in the trilogy “The Hobbit.” The skin of the dwarf Thorin Oakenshield, the British had to pursue “inconsistencies” of the character from the first to third feature which hits theaters in December – will lose its sanity, victim of what JRR Tolkien baptized on your plot “a disease of the Dragon”, a kind of paranoia driven by greed get their hands on a treasure.

“It’s complicated, because in fact, what you do as is building a paper is to seek consistency. You try to rationalize everything and make your lines make sense. But when you are trying to play a kind of madness, you do the opposite . so I deliberately looked for scenes that would be next to each other [in the chronology of the story] and tried to incorporate a mood as opposite as possible, almost like a different character from one scene to the other, “said the actor in conversation with UOL and other foreign journalists on the set of “The Hobbit”.

Age 43 and 1.88 m high no, he is not a dwarf in real life, it is all trick of perspective made by the film crew Armitage says he is eager to see how his work in the latter part of trilogy, called The Battle of Five Armies,” will be shown by Peter Jackson version which hits screens. Bags packed to come to Brazil in December, which participates in the premiere of the film at Comic Con Experience in SP, the actor says that during filming tries to avoid influence by the comments of fans, but that, once the work is ready to return to the troubled mind of Thorin and respond by him to whom it may concern by two or three years” promotion that lie ahead.

Check out the following key moments of the conversation, held in June 2013, during the penultimate month of recordings in Wellington, New Zealand, six months before the launch of the second chapter of the saga, The Desolation of Smaug“.

Question The first film has been released and you are finishing the last leg of filming. You feel permanently attached to this world of HobbitNew ZealandLord of the Rings?
Richard Armitage Yes, uh, have only been six months since we stopped and started [filming] again. But I have talked about it a lot in the last six months, so it’s not something that has gone. I suspect that we will continue talking about it for two or three years. It’s cool because the character continues to grow in your head and you’re constantly finding new ideas. It’s good [on set] for some additional time together.

How excited are you for the dark journey of Thorin in the third film?
I look forward why not really know what Peter will select to mount. We recorded so many different versions of a scene, different extremes, it’s hard to know how they will go out together. Because the only thing I was really trying to achieve was the inconsistency of the character. I wanted to try to show his mental instability through an inconsistency in character, like psychosis of people when they are unpredictable. So that’s what I was looking for, but do not know if [Peter] will choose it.

As an actor, it was dipped into this journey, the first film so far? You mention that Thorin is half torn, losing his head a little. How’s that?
It’s complicated, because in fact, what you do when you’re building a paper is to seek consistency. You try to rationalize everything and make your lines make sense. But when you are trying to play a kind of madness, you do the opposite. So I deliberately looked for scenes that would be next to each other [in the chronology of the story] and tried to incorporate a mood as opposite as possible to them, almost like a different character from one scene to another. Sometimes it appears very proud and full of life, and the next scene is kind of off and without power. That’s what I was looking for, this black and white.

Filming the first feature were all together, with the entire cast, so it is assumed that led to imagine how it would look in the end. Now, however, filming are scattered different places at different times. Think you will be surprised when the third film hit the screens with the guy he will have?
I support so. I hope to be surprised, because I was quite surprised by the first film. You know, we recorded and Peter tries many different ways and never really know what will be the assembly that he will. So I was pleasantly surprised at first. Had things there that I did not even know we had. I did not know we’d done that. Sometimes this may be because they mix a digital stunt with the scene shot really. So yes, I’m hoping to get into shock and amazed at what lies ahead.

The Azog villain is chasing your character from the first to the third film. Did you ever meet with Manu Bennett [actor who lends movement to the digital monster we see on screen] to make any fight scene? You will have a fight in the third film?
This was one of the big surprises for me in the first film, because I never came face to face with that character. There were several demonstrations of Azog: I fought a man in a green clothes, I fought a green ball on a stick, I fought with nothing. But I have never met face to face with Manu on the set. I came face to face with the full-size sculpture [of Azog] that the [effects company] Weta created for Comic Con [in 2013]. I went and stood in front of her because I wanted to see how impressive it really is. I wanted to find out if I could hit him [with their hands], but I would not reach because it is too high. So I definitely need a sword. But yes, this fight between them fascinates me because it is about to happen since when the story began [In Tolkien’s books, Azog was the one who killed the father of Thorin in a battle]. It’s like a fight that never ends and it will come to an end on the battlefield, I hope. InterestinglyI am fighting on behalf of my grandfather and my father, who also tried to fight this same character.

There are a lot of fans of the movie “The Hobbit” and “Lord of the Rings”. How do you, as an actor, deal with it? You like to have so many followers?
I have to be honest: while I’m filming, I do not really swim it, look what they are talking on the Internet and the like. I’d rather have a contact in a more direct level [the story]. My contact has been through things like comic conventions. I did a session of questions and answers in Australia which was amazing because, there, you are really listening to questions firsthand in public. It is hard for me to look at the discussions that are taking place [while you are still recording]. You will often come across something you do not like. But it’s cool also interact with the people who really dedicate their lives to these characters and think in detail about them as much as the actors that are interpreting think. It is inspiring them to do these questions so fastidious.

“The Hobbit” is perhaps the first film in which we see a dwarf in the role of hero. What do you think? Do you see any social importance that?
I think it was important to create a character that belonged to the world of fantasy dwarves, but could also relate to an audience of humans who will sit and watch them in action. They could not seem too strange, I think. He also had to look like someone with the potential to become king, someone you feel like you are able to claim his kingdom and sit on the throne of Durin again. But it’s a delicate balance. He does have a dwarf temperament, that arrogance and stubbornness and bravery that these creatures have in fantasy. It is curious because we’re shooting with all the elves now, and even has a sense of us versus them”. They are up there on the hill shooting in Dale and we down here [in scene] Mirkwood. Have some anxiety about it. The Dwarves are forbidden to agree before the elves, who are called first. There’s a real feeling that they are privileged and we are these tiny creatures have to fight for their existence.

In the film, the women of the race of dwarves have beards. Would you kiss a dwarf bearded?
It’s a bit like Velcro. Once you are caught, is not out [laughs]. But I do not think there’s a love triangle waiting Thorin. It is immersed in the world of his madness. But if you have a character in Middle Earth who have not found is still the elf Tauriel. She should have appeared in the background in a scene the other day, but she did not come so we were just me and Legolas. But I still hope for a moment on the battlefield, where Thorin and Tauriel can cross, kind of the way, and I’ll say, “I always loved you.” This kind of thing (laughs).