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The American Magazine (which is actually a British magazine 😉 ) has a contest where they are giving away 2 tickets to a performance of The Crucible.  Click on the link to the magazine and go to page 5 for details on the contest and how to enter.  They have confirmed via twitter that non-UK residents may enter the contest, but all winners are responsible for all other expenses (travel, accommodation, etc).

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Into the Storm article on Live for Films

Director and cast talk about the movie on  Thanks to @NBNathanKress.

“One of the keys to the character is that he’s a math teacher and football coach,” says Armitage. “So I worked backwards from what he’d be required to do. He’s kind of a sporty guy, but he’s no hero. An extreme event like this becomes about a normal guy, an everyman, having to effectively run into a burning building or dive into water to save a kid. You don’t know if you can do it until that moment presents itself.”

Characters must sometimes act not with a co-star, but with a camera posing as a co-star. And even for actors with thick resumes like Richard Armitage, the experience is not without hurdles.
“Every time you’re working for a particular camera, it could be my son or a storm chaser,” says Armitage. “It’s very much more about being caught on camera rather than presenting your performance on camera, which is a new area for me. It makes it more thrilling to work. It feels much more real. Everything is on a handheld, on shoulder or on a SteadiCam. It feels more immediate, at times documentary. It puts you in a kind of naturalism with the character.”

“The teenagers are amazing as are the very experienced actors,” concludes Quale. “Richard Armitage is just amazing. Sarah is great. Having actors who are that good just makes my job easy. It’s fantastic.”

UPDATE: For some reason, the original article has been taken down.  Thanks to @NBNathanKress who had copied the entire article on her tumblr.

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