BRAVO – German magazine interview with Richard

Many thanks to stillbetterthanthesolarsystem tumblr for posting the scans and translation of an interview with Richard in the German magazine, Bravo.  Richard talks about what he would say to Thorin, what law he would enact if he were king, and whether he would describe himself as a great leader.

New interview transcripts added – Sky Movies Special & RTL (Germany)

We’ve added transcripts for the Sky Movies Special and RTL (Germany) interviews to the Library. Sky Movies Special interviewed Martin Freeman and Richard, with Andy Serkis and Stephen Fry interviewing each other. We’ve transcribed only Richard’s answer.

Richard says ‘Merry Christmas’ in Hungarian – sound clip

We’ve extracted Richard saying “Merry Christmas” in Hungarian from his Szeretettel Hollywoodbol interview.

We’ve also added it as a very, very short YT clip.

RTL (Germany) interview with Richard Armitage

An interview with Richard by RTL (Germany) which appears to be accessible principally in Germany. Although, some people elsewhere have been able to access it using Google Chrome, Safari or Internet Explorer (Thanks Marionz)

Thanks to RichardArmitageNet who were able to use our link to download the interview and add it to their Youtube channel.