21st June, 2012

TheOneRing.net reports that The Hobbit trailer will be attached to the new Pixar film, Brave, at US theatres, but it’s not definite whether it will be the  first trailer or the second.

According to www.slashfilm.com,  Alberta Film Ratings has now given the second Hobbit trailer a classification. “The board gave the  trailer a G rating, which means the trailer (not necessarily the movie)  is suitable for all audiences, and it lists a runtime of 2:24”.

20th June, 2012

An article in New Zealand’s Southland Times reports that The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey’s dvd will be released  sometime in mid-2013 and will include a New Zealand tourism feature  directed by Peter Jackson.

“The New Invasion”: Richard Armitage is named one of five “Brits on the Brink” according to Cineplex.com. (Thanks to Lindasenora)