29th February, 2012

Peter Jackson has announced a new video blog coming soon!

An article in the Dutch newspaper Metronieuws.com features a picture of Richard in motion capture gear against a green  screen. We have added it to our Library together with a translation.  (Thanks to C2R)

For those who might not know it, yet, Spooks  7-9 are available on iTunes and Strike Back 1 is also available in  selected regions (not yet in Australia).

Spooks 7 is being repeated in Australia on ABC1 on Monday nights at around 11.35pm.

14th February, 2012

Spooks 7 begins repeating weekly on ABC1 in Oz at 11.35 pm, Monday 27th February. We’ve confirmed it by phone with the ABC.

Expedition Tiger, episode 2, which was moved  to allow for a women’s golf tournament, will now air at 5:15 pm, Sunday  19th February with episode 3 airing immediately aftewards as originally  scheduled at 6:05 pm. Episode 3 will be repeated on Monday, 20th  February at 2.00 pm. The ABC have no current plans to repeat episode 2  although episode 1 was repeated on Monday, 6th February at 2.00 pm and  is available on iView. We’ve also confirmed this by phone.

5th February, 2012

Art Challenge 167 – Thorin Oakenshield Icons & Signatures – results now in the Gallery.

Spooks 8 is showing in Oz on UKTV (Foxtel/Austar, channels  103 & 156) on Thursdays at 7.30 pm (Eastern Daylight  Saving Time).  (Thanks to Ariadne)

Episode 1 of 3 part series ‘Expedition Tiger’ (aired in the UK as ‘Lost Land of the Tiger’) is airing in Australia on ABC1 6:05 pm  Sunday nights beginning 5th February. You can listen to an audio excerpt on our Voiceovers page under ‘Lost Land of the Tiger’.