24th December, 2011

A Christmas Message from Richard! Our thanks to Richard Armitage Online (and Monetsmum). You can also find it on our Richard’s Messages page.

We have added Over the Misty Mountains, the song sung by the dwarves and led by Richard Armitage in the Hobbit trailer, to our Career Audio page.

Peter Jackson’s promised Christmas treat arrived on his FB page this morning. The first of 2 vlogs dealing with location shooting. This dealt principally with the logistics, focussing on the crew. It also contains some behind-the-scenes snippets of the filming and location decisions for the LOTR trilogy as well as a few moments with Elijah Wood as he re-acquaints himself with Hobbiton. We have added what few caps we’ve been able to find of Richard to the Gallery.

23rd December, 2011

For those in Oz wanting to see the trailer at the movies, we’ve just received this answer from Hoyts, posted on their Facebook page: “It’s not running on TINTIN, but will be on Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol from Boxing Day, and then Sherlock Holmes from Jan 5th. Hope this helps!”

22nd December, 2011

Amongst the plethora of articles about the trailer here are a couple that mention Richard as Thorin Oakenshield. First the International Business Times. Scroll down to Dwarves:

“Thorin Oakenshield (Richard Armitage) is especially convincing. He has  the arrogant majesty of a deposed king and the underlying steeliness of  the dwarves Tolkein fans know.”

And, MTV says,

“Fans who feared that the dwarves would look too cartoonish should find  some peace of mind with the trailer. They completely worked (especially Richard Armitage as Thorin), with a balance between the child-oriented aspects of the  book and the grittier look of the “Lord of the Rings” movies.”

While, Empireonline, writes,

“Led by Thorin (Richard Armitage), and seated in Bag End, the dwarfs sing  of the loss of their homeland, each slowly standing. It is set against a  grave montage of faces, the mood switching in a trice from comic to  epic with a tincture of melancholy. The lyrics are taken directly from  Tolkien, and where we might have feared The Hobbit’s propensity for song  might trigger sniggers now feels like a strength. Carried by Armitage’s  impressive basso, the trailer shifts up a gear, and a sense of the  scope Peter Jackson intends for his two films becomes clear. We are back  in Middle-earth in a big way.” (Thanks Jeanlin)

20th December, 2011

We’ve uploaded standard def caps of the Hobbit trailer to our Main Gallery and some hi res ones to our Salon.

The Hobbit film has a new official website.

Quint from Ain’tItCoolNews.com has put up his newest Hobbit set report.

We have uploaded the HD trailer to Youtube – and OMG how wonderful it is and you won’t mistake Richard!

TheOneRing.net and MiddleEarthNews announce that the first Hobbit trailer will debut on iTunes Movie Trailers tonight at 10pm EST/7 pm PST. We will have it available for download and on our youtube page ASAP.

16th December, 2011

USA Today reports that the Hobbit trailer will premiere on Tuesday December 20 at 10pm Eastern US time. “A 15-minute satellite feed of the trailer for The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey will stream at 10 p.m. ET/PT on the night of Dec. 20 and again the following day at 9 a.m. ET/PT.”

We are proud to present our 2012 calendars, made by the wonderful and talented artists from our forum! We have a John Porter b&w wall calendar, perfect for printing (A4 size) and a Desktop calendar for use as a background on your computer or for printing.

14th December, 2011

One year until The Hobbit: an Unexpected Journey is released! Warner Bros has put out a press release with new details about the movie and a synopsis of the story.

ABC1 in Australia will air a repeated episode of George Gently, 1st January, 2012 at 9.50pm. The cast is shown as including Martin Shaw and Phil Davis. There’s no further information but, based on that, it looks like it’s the epi in which Richard appears as Ricky Deeming. We’ll confirm as soon as we can.

Gandylon has just uploaded an old interview vid with Peter Jackson where he talks a bit about what he will be looking for in casting for The Hobbit.

12th December, 2011

Trailersense has uploaded a Countdown to The Hobbit vid with a brief reference to Richard. It’s around about 1:30s. (Thanks Ariadne)

TheOneRing.net has posted some new pics from the set of The Hobbit. Nothing of Richard, though, and none of the other actors. (Thanks Tempestguy)

Ain’t It Cool News confirms that viewers who attended this year’s Butt-Numb-A-Thon movie marathon were treated to the teaser trailer for The Hobbit. And they confirmed it will be shown in front of The Adventures of Tintin.