28th November, 2011

Digital Spy reports that Elijah Wood has confirmed that The Hobbit trailer will be at the front of The Adventures of Tintin in the US (also produced by Peter Jackson).

Dan Stoddard has uploaded Part 3 of the Project Richard Armitage vids to vimeo.

Quint’s latest report for Ain’t It Cool News focusses a little bit on Richard’s performance as Thorin. Sadly, no pictures, but:

“Armitage does a great job with Thorin’s inner struggle. The look on his face isn’t someone locked into a decision. Gandalf urges him to seek Elrond’s help, for the good of the quest. Instead of playing it like a stone-faced general, Armitage does weigh his options and mostly in reaction to Gandalf’s words, not in his own dialogue.

In other words he conveys the struggle with his face, giving Thorin a depth I was anticipating. I’m sure the inclination would be for Armitage to play it stubborn and he does, but he layers it with some real emotion.”

24th November, 2011

Quint has posted his latest report from The Hobbit set, reporting on Trollshaw, Radagast the Brown, Bombur and Sting. He also talks about Thorin getting Orcrist and states that we Richard Armitage fans will enjoy the next report.

22nd November, 2011

Collider.com has posted a transcript from their interview with Benedict Cumberbatch in which he, very briefly, talks about preparing for his role as Smaug in The Hobbit.

We’ve updated our Forthcoming Attractions page, putting in a section for Peter Jackson’s Hobbit video blogs with a link to his Facebook page, and a little section for Quint’s reports from the Hobbit set.

17th November, 2011

In an article entitled, “8 Actors Who Could Play DOCTOR WHO In Film Reboot”, Whatculture includes Richard as a possible contender for the role of Dr Who in the forthcoming movie. “I think,” the writer says, “… he would be an interesting choice, particularly if David Yates (director) is considering a more adult take on the beloved franchise. There’s a trend in Hollywood at the moment to make things gritty and realistic … “.