28th October, 2011

Matama has now been closed to the public heralding the start of filming there for The Hobbit and ScienceFiction.com has released Stuff.nz.co aerial shots of Hobbiton and of the film crew setting up.

Peter Jackson has announced that the premiere of The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey will be in Wellington, NZ, in November 2012. General release will follow from 13 December.

The National Geographic documentary, Leopards of Dead Tree Island will air on the National Geographic channel in Australia at 7.30, Sunday 11th December. There’s no information, yet on the narrator. (Thanks to AnnetteG) You can download the narration from our Media – Narrations page. You’ll need a strong heart. And tissues.

Cinemax is airing an encore presentation of Strike Back 2 weekly at 10pm starting this Friday, 28th October. So, for those of you who missed Richard Armitage’s last minutes as John Porter at the beginning of epi 1, here’s your chance.

21st October, 2011

A snippet from the WETA newsletter’s just come in –
“Updates from The Hobbit?

We have heard from a reliable source that it won’t be too long before we can expect some more updates, so hang in there and keep an eye on our Facebook page, Twitter feed and of course our newsletters!” (Thanks to Tempestguy)

3rd October, 2011

Richard as Thorin Oakenshield appears on the cover of the Mexican version of Premiere Magazine (Cinepremiere). The cover, inside poster and article, “Ida y Vuelta a la Tierra Media” are in the RAC Library (it is 3 pages, click the next arrow to get to the next page).

Leopards of Dead Tree island will air on Nat Geo Wild (UK) at 8.00 pm on 26th October then later that night at 11.00 pm and National Geographic Wild on 30th October at 10.00 pm. For details on 30th October airing, input 10/30/2011 into the Go To box at the top of the page.

The audio from The Leopards of Dead Tree Island, narrated by Richard, has been added to the media – narration page.