31st August, 2011

The British TV Podcast #99 (produced in the US) features a review of Richard’s career. Richard’s section starts at about 22.04. The first 20 minutes of the podcast are taken up with talking about an icecream that can be found in the UK, then moves on to Japanese Kit Kats. They talk a bit about a visit one of them is making to London and the plays she wants to see there. Then they review their most recent epi of Dr Who and Dr Who Confidential, then they recap the forthcoming week’s British television schedule. THEN, they get to Richard and that’s about 20 minutes. What’s great is they use audio clips from Sparkhouse (describing John Standring as the local veterinarian), Vicar of Dibley, Robin Hood, Spooks and the Hobbit press conference.

18th August, 2011

A spokesman for Peter Jackson has confirmed that filming on second block of The Hobbit began last week and will finish in December.

Richard will be narrating a new 2-part series entitled, Fraud Squad. It will air on ITV on Friday, 26th August at 9pm. The investigation into one of Britain’s biggest share frauds, following detectives hoping to recover £20million stolen from victims as they hunt for the Nigerian ringleader, 30-year-old George Abrue. Over the course of 18 months, officers discover Abrue has numerous false identities, launders his cash with the help of corrupt bankers and has criminals working for him across Europe to fuel his lavish lifestyle. (Thanks to Richardarmitagenet.com)

7th August, 2011

Cinemax has put up the first six minutes of the first episode of Strike Back 2 on youtube. It begins airing on Friday, August 12 at 10pm on Cinemax in the US and on HBO in Canada.

Recognise Magazine posted today on Facebook that issue 9 with the photoshoot of Richard will be published near the end of the month. So it appears they have worked through the dissolution problems. [Recognise Magazine has dissolved]