24th April, 2011

Peter Jackson announced, on is Facebook page, that Rob Kazinsky, cast as Fili, will be leaving the production because of personal reasons. We sadly wish Rob all the best. The cast information on our Forthcoming page has been updated accordingly. Rob Kazinsky has since tweeted he is leaving for health reasons which will, hopefully, be sorted.

Icon Art Challenge 148 results for Spring now in the Gallery.

22nd April, 2011

We’ve uploaded a second preview for Spooks 9 episode 4 to our Youtube channel. The episode will air on Saturday, 23rd April at 8.30 on ABC1 in Australia. Actually, Richard’s not in this preview.

Peter Jackson has confirmed that Ian Holm will be appearing in The Hobbit as the older Bilbo Baggins and we have added this to our Forthcoming page.

16th April, 2011

We have uploaded a preview of Spooks 9 episode 4, to be aired on ABC1 in Oz at 8.30, Saturday 23rd April, to our Youtube channel. Don’t forget, we have a full gallery of caps from series 7-9 in our Gallery as well as selected HD caps in our Salon. We also have Richard’s interviews, including transcriptions of his audio and vid interviews, in our Library and downloads of audio clips from the epis as well as downloads of his interviews on our Media pages.

14th April, 2011

We have uploaded some new hi-res caps from the first video blog to the The Hobbit gallery to replace those uploaded earlier. We have also uploaded both a low-res and HD version of the sequence showing Richard at the Powhiri ceremony to bless the sound stage.

Peter Jackson has uploaded the first episode of his video blog of The Hobbit filming. The blog features the first day of filming including the Maori ceremony at which Richard Armitage, Martin Freeman and Andy Serkis speak.