30th March, 2011

An interesting preview of Spooks series 9 episode 1 by Diane Butler for the Sun Herald in Melbourne, “This is a crowd that says quaff when it means drink”, has been uploaded to the RAC Library. (Thanks to Annie)

28th March, 2011

Just a reminder that Spooks series 9 begins airing in Australia on ABC1 at 8.30 pm, Saturday, 2nd April.

A very favourable TV Week (Australia) preview of episode 1 of Spooks series 9, “Fast and Furious”, by Helen Vnuk has ben uploaded to the RAC Library. (Thanks to Caroline)

An unfavourable Sydney Morning Herald TV Guide preview of episode 1 of Spooks series 9 by Sacha Molitorisz has ben uploaded to the RAC Library. (Thanks to Caroline)

27th March, 2011

Icon Art Challenge 144 results for John Thornton now in the Gallery.

The viewing numbers for the final episode of Strike Back in Oz are down on the previous 2 weeks, possibly due to the ABC’s coverage of the state election in NSW.

Darkroom Challenge 39 results for – Weather – have been uploaded to the RAC Gallery.

23rd March, 2011

MTV has released a video full break-down of the Official Trailer which mentions Richard as Heinz Kruger.

Caps of Richard as Heinz Kruger in the Official Trailer for Captain America have been uploaded to the RAC Gallery.

There is a possible time change for the NSW airing of Strike Back 3. Although the ABC’s website shows it as 11.20pm to allow for their transmisison of the NSW state election commentary, the Sydney Morning Herald shows it as 10.25pm. (Thanks to Peppin)*

*Update: ABC has confirmed that Strike Back 3 will air in NSW on Saturday night at 10.35pm. (Or, it could be a ploy to make sure any NSW viewers watch the election commentary.)

Marvel has released the first official trailer for Captain America: The First Avenger. Richard is in a few scenes and has one line of dialogue in the trailer. You can watch it on youtube.

22nd March, 2011

Entertainment Tonight showed an exclusive first look at the film, Captain America, in which Richard plays Heinz Kruger. Richard appears very quickly in the submarine and shooting a gun out of a car window. We have uploaded the clip to our Youtube channel.

We have uploaded the trailer for Spooks series 9 in Australia to our Youtube channel. Spooks will begin airing on ABC1 at 8.30pm on Saturday, 2nd April.

20th March, 2011

You can now put your name on the list at Amazon to be notified with the dvd/blu-ray for Captain America becomes available.

Icon Art Challenge 143 results for House Of Flying Daggers now in the Gallery.

Strike Back episode 2 (airing in Australia currently) rated at 8th with a viewing audience of 552,000 up on 542,000 last week.

After all the delays, The Hobbit is on schedule to begin filming on 21st March. (Thanks to Anakris)

The Hobbit has gone live with its own blog, The Hobbit Blog. It has links to the Warner Bros official announcement of the beginning of filming as well as to Peter Jackson’s new Face Book page which promises he “will be posting comments and updates on the production of The Hobbit there.” and begins with “two new photos from the set, the official Start of Production announcement, and a photo gallery from some of his past productions.”

19th March, 2011

We have uploaded the trailer for the final episode of Strike Back to be aired on ABC1 in Australia next Saturday, 26th March to Youtube. It will be airing at 11.20 pm in NSW because of the coverage of the NSW State election. Please check your television schedules for times.