28th January, 2011

In further Hobbit news, filming, originally scheduled to begin in mid-February is expected to be slightly delayed while Peter Jackson recovers from surgery for a perforated ulcer and Soairse Ronan has been added to the cast, however her role has not yet been confirmed. For all Hobbit details see our Forthcoming Attractions page.

Danielsredluna has uploaded a German promotion vid of Strike Back episode 2 to Youtube. The episode will air this Friday at 10:40pm on RTL.

27th January, 2011

Reuters reporter, Gyles Beckford (and a number of other sources) are reporting that Peter Jackson is recovering well from surgery in a Wellington hospital on a perforated ulcer. A spokeswoman, Melissa Booth has said, “The surgery is not expected to impact on his directing commitment to the Hobbit beyond a slight delay to the start of filming.” He was admitted to hospital on Wednesday night, 26th January, with acute stomach pains and is now resting comfortably. Doctors expect him to make a full recovery.

25th January, 2011

It appears as though Richard will be narrating the programme, “Elsa the Lion,” part of the BBC’s Natural World Series. It will air on BBC2 on 1st February at 7pm. There is a clip of the programme with Richard’s narration on the BBC Website. (Thanks Monetsmum and scoop).

23rd January, 2011

Darkroom Challenge – Landmarks & Icons – results have been added to the RAC Gallery.

Alex Ritman from The National discusses the reaction to casting Richard Armitage as Thorin Oakenshield with Pat Dawson of The One Ring website in ‘Casting the Hobbit‘.
RAC Library

The special features contents of the Spooks series 9 dvd have been announced on Cult Box. They include features on Lucas North, a commentary with Nicola Walker and the executive producers and writer. (Thanks to Monetsmum and AnnetteG)

22nd January, 2011

The Early Career page has been updated with information on the London 1991 production of 42nd Street in which Richard appeared as part of the Ensemble, and the RSC’s 1999-2000 production of Macbeth in which Richard appeared as Angus.

We have added selected pages of the programs for both the London 1991 production of 42nd Street and the RSC 1999-2000 production of Macbeth to the RAC Library. Remember to scroll through the pages using the Library’s thumbnails.

A Strike Back promotion video Strike Back on Italian television has been uploaded to Youtube. (Thanks to Bccmee)

14th January, 2011

We’ve added some recently-discovered archived articles to the Library –

“On radio – The Ted Hughes Letters: A poet’s pain laid bare”, a review of The Ted Hughes Letters by Gillian Reynolds in The Telegraph from October 2007. (Please remember to click on the page to exapand it and to scroll through the article using the thumbnails beside each page.)
The Telegraph
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“A dashing object of desire”, by Ann Ashworh in the Times Online in December 2004, talks about the enthusiastic response to the mini-series, North & South and the growth of the fan base. (Please remember to click on the page to exapand it and to scroll through the article using the thumbnails beside each page.)
Times Online
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We’ve updated the Forthcoming Attractions page and added cast confirmations – Sir Ian McKellen will reprise Gandalf and Andy Serkis will be back as Gollum. Making cameo appearances will be Elijah Wood as Frodo Baggins, Orlando Bloom as Legolas, and possibly Sir Christopher Lee as Saruman the White. Ian Holm is rumoured to be reprising his role as the older Bilbo and there is also a rumour that David Tennant will be cast as the Elvenking, Thranduil.

1st January, 2011

We have added screencaps of This Year’s Love, Richard’s first film role in which he appeared for about 3 minutes as ‘Smug Man at Party’ to the RAC Gallery. There are details of this film on the This Year’s Love page. We have also added caps from a Youtube vid of The Impresionists outtakes, showing Richard getting the giggles, to the RAC Gallery. You can find details about this production on our The Impressionists Career page and a link to the original vid at the RAC Media page.