30th September, 2010

Spooks 8 has finally been given an Australian airdate! The ABC Spooks message board posted this announcement (Thanks to Caroline):

Author ABC (Moderator)
Date/Time 30 Sep 2010 1:27:32pm
Subject Re: Spooks Series 8
Spooks series 8 will commence on Saturday, 30 October at 8.30pm on ABC1.

28th September, 2010

CJ Cregg in Unpopcult‘s review of Spooks episode 2 says, “The episode zipped along at a much pacier rate than last week’s, with some great action scenes keeping things exciting. … But … it was the brooding, tortured Lucas who got the lion’s share of the ‘looking’ to do.  Fear, love, panic, loss, desperation and sorrow – all etched across that beautiful face, as he tried to deal with both the problems of the present and the pain of the past.  Brilliant work from Richard Armitage as ever.”
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Metro.co.uk says “Richard Armitage as the ever-irate Lucas North continues to give a violent, powder-keg edge to proceedings” in their review of episode 2.
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The Guardian’s TV & Radio Blog and the Den of Geek blog review Spooks 9 episode 2.
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Screencaps of Spooks 9 episode 2 have been added to the Gallery.

24th September, 2010

Hobbsy has confirmed that Richard will be playing Heinz Kruger in the film Captain America. He tweeted this morning – – 100% Confirmed: Richard Armitage is Heinz Kruger. He is filming 2 scenes today,             – Chris Evans, Hayley Atwell and Richard Armitage are all on set today filming scenes             – can’t reveal my sources 🙂 but trust me Richard Armitage is Heinz Kruger. 2 scenes today in Manc, then he’s off to Liverpool. (also updated at hobbsy.com)

Andrew Laughlin, in “‘Spooks’ returns to nearly 5 million”, for Digital Spy, reports that the ratings for episode 1 were “5.58m (23.2%) for BBC One from 9pm. Spooks easily beat a new episode of Bouquet Of Barbed Wire, after the drama pulled in 4.39m (18.2%) on ITV1.” (First posted 21st September, 2010) (Thanks to Ariadne)

An excerpt from the narrations for Surgery School and Lost Land of the Tiger have been added to the Career Audio Voiceovers page.

Screencaps of the Series 8 dvd extras have been added to the Gallery.

22nd September, 2010

It looks like the rumours of Richard appearing in the new comic book hero movie, Captain America (starring Chris Evans, directed by Joe Johnston and co-written by Joss Whedon), may be true. Hobbsy.com has photos of him on the set in Manchester, and he can be seen and heard in videos of the set posted at comicbookmovie.com. (Thanks to Sandrac for her information on comicbookmovie.com)

The Scotsman.com reviews Spooks Episode 1 Series 9. RAC Library

21st September, 2010

“It’s an amazing oxymoron of contemporary cool and shockingly hot drama that, in its ninth series, is surprising unwaning,” writes Gemma Collins in her review of Spooks episode 1, “Spooks – they’re back to save the day” for This is Leicestershire. (Thanks to Lady Gisborne)
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Adam Sweeting of The Arts Desk reviews the first episode of Spooks. (Thanks to Lady Gisborne) RAC Library

In his review for Suite 101, Steven Cookson tells readers, “In all this was a solid opener that more than anything shows that even after all these years Spooks is still baffling and ridiculous but also one of the most watchable dramas on television. But please pay attention.” (Thanks to Lady Gisborne) RAC Library

Lois Cameron gives a very favourable review of the first episode of Spooks for The Yorker. (Thanks to Lady Gisborne) RAC Library

breakingentertainmentnews.com previews Episode 1 of Spooks season 9 and provides links to 3 legal ways of viewing the episode online. (Thanks to Lady Gisborne)
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Richard narrates the 3-part BBC1 series, The Lost Land of the Tiger.
‘With tigers heading for extinction, an international team of big cat experts and wildlife filmmakers, Steve Backshall and his sniffer dog Bruiser, wildlife cameraman Gordon Buchanan, camerawoman Justine Evans, scientist George McGavin, and big cat biologist Alan Rabinowitz are given unique access to the jungles and mountains of Bhutan for what could be the last chance to save this magnificent animal.’  (Thanks to C4ever and Sapphire for letting us know about this).  The series airs on:

Episode 1: BBC One (except Scotland) Tuesday,  21st September 2010, 9.00 pm – 10.00 p
Episode 1: BBC HD Tuesday,  21st September 2010, 9.00 pm – 10.00 pm
Episode 1: BBC HD Wednesday, 22nd September 2010,  1.00 pm – 2.00 pm
Episode 2: BBC One (except Scotland) Wednesday,  22nd September 2010, 9.00 pm – 10.00 pm
Episode 2: BBC HD, Wednesday, 22nd  September 2010, 9.00 pm – 10.00 pm
Episode 2: BBC HD, Wednesday, 23rd  September 2010, 1.00 pm – 2.00 pm
Episode 3: BBC One (except Scotland) Thursday, 23 Sep 2010, 9.00 pm – 10.00 pm
Episode 3: BBC HD, Thursday, 23rd September, 2010, 9.00 pm – 10.00 pm
Episode 3: BBC HD, Friday, 24th September, 2010, 1.00 pm – 2.00 pm

Voting is now open for the National Television Awards. Richard is nominated for Drama Performance, Spooks is nominated for Drama and Chris Ryan’s Strike Back for Digital Choice.

Unpopcult favourably reviews epi 1 series 9 of Spooks.
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Catherine Gee reviews the return of Spooks on the Telegraph.co.uk website.
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20th September, 2010

In his review for channelhoppingo.com nthebox, “Spooks Review: MI High 5 (sorry..)”, Sean Marland says, “there can be no denying the sheer entertainment that it packs into an hour long episode.” (Thanks to Lady Gisborne)

Tim Glanfield of Beehivecity.com writes that “This is quality Spooks, and if anything it benefits from a little less helicopter chasing and a little more characterisation as the series celebrates a decade on our screens.”

The Northern Echo reviews Spooks Series 9 and quotes Richard, “Lucas has always had many layers and this year we go very deep into who he is.”
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“Spooks is Back with a Bang”, TV.com‘s Ben Lee reviews the first episode of Spooks and concludes, ” The series is still the same intense show as it was when it started nine years ago, albeit with a different cast, and it’s still worth watching.”
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Vicky Frost of The Guardian’s TV & Radio Blog reviews episode 1 of Spooks 9.
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In his “60 Second Interview”, Andrew Williams for Metro.co.uk asks Richard about typecasting, the worst job he’s ever had (estate agent), whether he’s ever had a supernatural experience (read it and find out), and his feelings on the end of Robin Hood.
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Digital Spy’s, Maya Nissim, quotes from today’s Metro “60 Second Interview” that Richard does not fear typecasting.
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ATV News’s Shaun Linden ticks Spooks as his “One to Watch”. Look out for the link at the bottom of the preview for an interview with Richard.

Den of Geek previews Spooks and quotes Richard Armitage from the BBC press release,  “the overall series arc really unravels the character of Lucas North and blows his whole world apart. His loyalty and his future at MI5 are all under the microscope.” DoG also provides some thoughts on the proposed American remake of the series. RAC Library

The transcript of the BBC Radio 4 Clive Anderson interview has been added to the Transcription Library. This link will take you to the first of a 4-page interview. You can navigate through it by clicking on the Library thumbnails.

The Mirror’s, Jane Simon in ‘We love telly’ has picked Spooks as one of her picks of the day.

19th September, 2010

Richard was interviewed on Clive Anderson’s Radio 4 programme, Loose Ends yesterday. It can be downloaded from our Media – radio page.

David Stephenson in the Sunday Express and Scottish Sunday Express interviews Richard Armitage about the new season of Spooks. The original online version of the Sunday Express article includes a short excerpt from the recorded interview. (Thanks to Monetsmum and Scotiagirl)
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Icon & Signature Challenge 125 results for Sense & Sensibility now in the Gallery.

18th September, 2010

Darkroom Challenge – What Inspires You? – results in the RAC Gallery.

Screencaps from Richard’s BBC Radio 1 interview added to the RAC Gallery.

The transcript of Richard’s BBC Radio 1 interview has been added to the RAC Transcription Library. This link takes you to page 1 of a 6-page interview. Click on the Library thumbnails to move through the pages.

The transcript of Richard’s TV.com interview has been added to the RAC Transcription Library. This link takes you to page 1 of a 4-page interview. Click on the Library thumbnails to move through the pages.

In “A Change in the Identities of ‘Spooks'”, for Monsters & Critics, Ian Cullep writes, “Miss it at your own risk. All knowledge of this news item will be disavowed along with any who have dared to read it”.

In an article by Stuart Husband, ” … In a taxi with … Spooks star Richard Armitage”, for the Daily Mail, Richard says he’s “… ready for [my] Elephant Man phase now”.

David Stephenson has posted an audio interview with Richard on his TV Blog. You have to pay £1.00 to listen to the full interview.

The media-tv page has been updated with a video interview with Richard from TV.com UK about the upcoming series of Spooks.