28th June, 2010

Richard will be narrating a new series of ‘Homes from Hell’ – Dubai Dreams. The stories of British people who invested in the Dubai   property boom, but were left with nothing when the recession hit and   construction projects worth £50billion were put on hold.  It airs on Thursday, July 1st at 9:00 pm on ITV1. (TVGuide.co.uk)

BBC Worldwide has announced its sale of Strike Back to ABC in Australia. “Our audience will really engage with these stories and having some actors very familiar to our viewers, such as Richard Armitage and Andrew Lincoln, is an extra bonus,” said Marena Manzoufas, ABC TV’s Head of Programming’. Strike Back is due to air later in 2010. (mUmBRELLARAC Library

22nd June, 2010

Thanks to Facebook and Twitter it looks like some of the behind-the-scenes film is being shot for Spooks series 9 PR: Helen James Productions – With the ‘Spooks’ crew in London today – filming a shoot-out! Just interviewed Richard Armitage – very handsome!
Helen James Productions – More news on ‘Spooks’ from the HJP page. And as always, the interviews will be posted on HJP’s YouTube channel!

The 2 page transcription of the Convenient Marriage interview has been added to the RAC Transcriptions Library.

21st June, 2010

Our thanks to Naxos Audiobooks who have provided both an extract of the Convenient Marriage audiobook and an interview with Richard Armitage, in which he discusses being an audiobook artist. You can listen to them on our Updates Forthcoming Attractions page or download them from our Media Audiobooks page.

The Media Audiobooks page has been updated with excerpts from Venetia and the Media Ringtones page has been updated with Strike Back ringtones.

9th June, 2010

The transcription of the full David Stephenson interview is now in the RAC Transcriptions Library. The interview was originally posted in 2 parts, without the first few introductory lines and without a section in the middle where Richard discusses playing both John Porter in Strike Back and Lucas North in Spooks, as well as some thoughts on the current state of the British television industry.