30th April, 2010

The Sunday Express has posted a new vid of the Premier  with some scenes from the series and cast interviews. (Sunday Express)

In a new, extensive interview for AOL television, “Richard  Armitage Strikes Back!”, Richard tells Andy Welch, “Lucas North is MI5,  and John Porter works for a branch of MI6, but he’s the antithesis of  Lucas, really … If you met them together, you’d realise that they’re at  opposite ends of the spectrum.” (AOL Television) RAC Library

Sky1’s website has been updated with a new  videos – Strike Back: Who is John Porter? and Strike Back: Exclusive Behind the Scenes Trailer!  (Richard Armitage: “We’ve seen action heroes to death. There’s always an opportunity to mine something else. Trying to find something human  inside of that. That’s what will make him unique.”)

29th April, 2010

Richard discusses Strike Back, Spooks, acting  and future projects in a Screenrush.co.uk interview. (Published April 28th) RAC Library

A preview in TimeOut describes Strike Back as  resembling, “‘The Take’: rampantly unsubtle, slickly produced and an  unashamed throwback to simpler times, when you knew who your enemies  were and how to deal with them”. (Thanks to Orpheus) (RAC Library)

“I tried to bring something to the character  that wasn’t black and white, that wasn’t the war hero”, says Richard in  an interview with Shortlist: Notebook, “Spooks star returns with UK’s  answer to Strike Back”.  (Thanks to Orpheus)   (RAC Library )

28th April, 2010

*Strike Back (TV series) now has a Wikipedia entry.   Chris Ryan’s (the author of the novel upon which the series  is based) Wikipedia entry covers his background, his  experiences as a member of the ill-fated Bravo Two Zero mission and his  work and novels since being a member of the SAS.

“Speaking to Spooks”, Helen Childs, of TV Choice Magazine, spent an  afternoon with the Spooks cast on location in Bermondsey. (Thanks  Tygermag) (TV Choice Magazine) RAC Library

10 Minutes with Strike Back’s Richard Armitage, an  interview with RA by Heather Hughes, has been posted on  TV.com. RAC Library

This Herald Sun (Melbourne, Australia) review of Robin  Hood Series 3, Episode 1 features a pic of Sir Guy and gives the episode 4 stars – although the reviewer spends 4 out of the review’s 5 short  columns talking about every other version of the legend. (Thanks to  Annie) (The review has been uploaded to the RAC Library.)

Olly Grant from the Telegraph.co.uk, interviews Chris Ryan, author of  Strike Back and draws parallels between Chris Ryan’s experiences as a  member of the SAS and the character, John Porter. Ryan is the only  member of the failed eight-man SAS mission, Bravo Two Zero to escape,  during the First Gulf War, 1991. (Telegraph.co.uk) RAC Library

27th April, 2010

“I wish I could go more often without washing  or having to make myself presentable.” Richard told Melissa van der  Klugt for Times Online. “Playing an ex-Special Forces soldier in Iraq I  had to make myself rougher. My body was covered in gunshot wounds,  scratches, ground-in dust and I had stubble and greasy hair. I didn’t  feel in character without it.” In this fairly long article Richard talks about training for Strike Back, how he feels about his appearance and  his growing confidence. (Thanks to Lady Gisborne) (“Inside Track”, Times Online) RAC Library

“He’s sort of like Lucas, only on some kind of go-faster drug,” Digital Spy quotes Richard’s comment in TV Times. (Digital Spy.co.uk) RAC Library

Chris Ryan’s Strike Back TV Pick of the Day  from Radio Times, 1-7 May, 2010. The full-size image is in the RAC Library. (Thanks to mackh)

“They gave me a baton that was the same weight as a gun and got me running in different directions until I felt like  vomiting.” Richard talks about training for Strike Back in an article  for TV and Satellite News. (Thanks to Richard Armitage Online for information about this article). RAC Library

24th April, 2010

Darkroom Challenge 23 – STRUCTURES – results  now in the Gallery.

Transcripts of Richard’s red carpet interviews are now in the RAC Library.

Daily Express Strike Back

“I think what attracted me to ‘Strike Back’  was the idea of taking an established genre – action – and trying to  find something different inside this character”, Richard tells Olly  Grant in his interview, “Strike Force” in the Daily Express. (The full  sized image has been placed in the RAC Library). (Thanks to Lady Juliana)

OK TV’s Red Carpet interview with the actors for  Strike Back was posted in the Express.co.uk, April 21st. Richard is the  first to be interviewed and he talks a little about the experience of  filming in South Africa. (Express.co.uk) RAC Library (transcripts)

22nd April, 2010

Robin Hood 3 begins on ABC2 Saturday, May 1st at 7.30 pm. In the first  episode, “When Robin returns from the Holy Land to avenge Marian’s  murder, an epic battle rages between him and Gisborne, with both  determned to fight to the death.” We also meet a new character, Brother  Tuck.

Sky has added some great Behind the Scenes  photos to its Strike Back website.

Sky’s also added some new, BIGGER, free wallpapers. (Thanks, Jonia).

We have added 2 early articles to the RAC  Library –

  • “Richard, the very modest sex symbol”, which was first  published in Express.co.uk on May 17th, 2009 and talks about his at that time forthcoming role as John Mulligan in the episode, Drowning Not Waving, in Jimmy McGovern’s series,  Moving On which aired on the BBC in 2009 RAC Library;  and
  • “Not so nice Guy”, the BBC’s press pack for Robin Hood series 1, published in 2006, in which  Richard talks about playing Sir Guy, working with Keith Allen, the Hood  Academy, and working with horses. RAC Library

Richard Armitage has told The Stage he is  planning on a return to the theatre when Spooks series 9 finishes  filming later this year, possibly in a comedy role such as The Rover by  Aphra Behn. He is looking forward to “a bit more of a laugh” he told  Matthew Hemley. (The Stage) RAC Library

20th April, 2010

A transcript of the short interview with  Richard Armitage and Andrew Lincoln at the Strike Back Premier held on  April 15th, 2010, added to the RAC Library.

A full page advertisement has appeared in  Radio Times. (The full-sized image has been placed in the RAC Library. (Radio Times)

Richard reveals that “what’s really  interesting about Lucas this year is he’s much less physical than he has been in the past”. (Press Association) RAC Library

In a new article on Strike Back in the Louth  Leader, Richard says, “”I think there’s always a pressure, especially  when it’s written by one of the guys that was there, that did it.” He  also talks a little more about how he felt with the role and the  experience of filming. (Louth Leader) RAC Library

19th April, 2010

Strike Back: Richard Armitage on John Porter (Sky1 website)  Richard talks about the role and how he built the character of John  Porter.

The Sky1 website has added the air dates and times for  Strike Back:
Episodes 1 & 2  – Wed 5 May 21.00 Sky1 HD & Sky1
Episodes 3 & 4 – Wed 12 May 21.00 Sky1 HD & Sky1
Episodes 5 & 6 – Wed 19 May 21.00 Sky1 HD & Sky1

A public preview of the first 2 episodes was  held and featured a panel-lead Q&A with the Head of Sky Drama,  Elaine Pyke, and the Series Producer, Andy Harries.

18th April, 2010

“Strike Back: About the Show: The Story”, A small ad  in USA Today with a link to Sky’s Strike Back page via the title. (USA Today)

“On Strike Action”, by Dean Piper for The Mirror. Another  favourable Strike Back review. (The Mirror). RAC Library

You can find a link to the interview Richard has done for Venetia (Naxos Audiobooks)  on Richard’s Venetia  page at Naxos. It also includes an excerpt from the beginning of the  audiobook. You can find a transcription of the interview in the RAC Library. The link was first posted on April  1st.