31st December, 2009

“Richard Armitage Braves Killer Snakes for Strike Back!”, Sky Mag. This seems to be a galley proof dated November 30, 2009, and was received as a Google alert. The article was published in Sky Mag on December 29th, 2009.
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30th December, 2009

*An interview by Allen W. Wright with Frances Tempest, costume designer for Robin Hood 1 and 2 can be found at BoldOutlaw.com. (Thanks to Jeanlin)
RAC Library (pages 1-4 and 8 printed with kind permission of BoldOutlaw.com)

*Amazon.com has announced a 35% discount off its original price of $59.90 US on a pre-order for RH Season 3, a savings of $20.99 US. (Thanks to Suzi12sq)

11th December, 2009

“Is ice-cold Ros facing the Spookiest death of all?”, Mail Online, Nicole Lampert.
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*North & South soundtrack now available as a FREE DOWNLOAD from Getacd.org.

*Welcome to 2 new Spanish forums – http://richardarmitage.mforos.com/, and http://richardarmitage.foroactivo.net/forum.htm (Thanks to Goodlaura)

*Period Drama Men – Richard Armitage – Just in time for your Christmas asking Amazon.com has listed almost all Richard’s dvds at one site!